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Bi-Curious? – NOT Anymore

  There are some books out there with the same plot as in this book. Still, you’ll appreciate how R.W. Pell wrote that the man is already married to a woman, yet he found men very attractive. If you’re into … Continue reading

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Fantasizing Reality – Daydreamer Meets Headturner

This is a very fun book to read mainly because of the humor that the author injected into the story. It was actually unexpected, like you were thinking of how it will end and then the author presented an end … Continue reading

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Be Careful With What You Wish For

This is one good book that we recommended to readers of erotica. It was written from the point of view of the one who made Jemma’s fantasy come true. The author wrote superbly, in a way that made your heart … Continue reading

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Delightfully Yours

Chris Johns wrote another gay book on slavery. In a big way, this book sheds light to what really took place back in the days of old when slavery was still in effect. But this book has a twist, and … Continue reading

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The Order 2 – Gay Sci-Fi

The author did a good job of making you feel sympathetic toward Ken and Brad. It seems as though you can feel the despair of losing someone and not knowing where to look to get to him before it’s too … Continue reading

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Caught In The Act!

There is something titillatingly tempting about cheating… and Sammy West knows best how. Reading West’s work is very entertaining, more so because of the twists and turns. In this story, Sam loves being fucked by various men though she is … Continue reading

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Sammy West’s Office Orgy

You’ll unexpectedly like this book after reading it. Many of you probably will expect that it would be like the previous book, that Sam loved being fucked by men other than her husband. But at the end of the story, … Continue reading

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“True Colors” Behind Her Underwear

Lysander writes about how one very lucky guy gets to see a live show from the sexy and naughty girl next door. Then from quietly watching the girl, Tim progresses to really hitting it off with her. If you like … Continue reading

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Gang Banging The Wife by Sammy West

You can read this book in one sitting because it’s very short, but we must say that it lacks depth. However, if you want to immediately go to the most important (or meatiest) part or parts of the story, then … Continue reading

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Wife Roulette

If you’re into cuckolding, wife swapping or wife sharing, then this book should hit home. If not, then don’t even dare to read the first page. You’ll pull your hair out with the unbelievable twist of events. It cannot get … Continue reading

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