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“I want to tell you our story and you can write it as I tell it or from your perspective as a writer.” –Jasmine Every man in school wants Jasmine. Every girl hates Jasmine because the hottest man in school … Continue reading

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Unbearable Passion, Part 4

“This guy has been operating under the name of Brad Keller, but his real name is Vladislav Ershova-Kamenev.” Finally, a lead… Sofia Herrera might just get back the money she lost when he supposed partner, Brad Keller, ran off with … Continue reading

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Three-Way Romps, Book 4

“MMMmmmmm…Nicky Boy…mmm…”  That can only be the sound of Katherine enjoying another romp with the latest hot dick. But Katherine has some other use for Nicky Porto other than a meat she can devour, she asks him for legal advice … Continue reading

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Unbearable Passion, Part 3

I’m sure you want to get settled back into your old life… But Sofia Herrera doesn’t want to get back to her old life. After all, she’s just an escort…at least, she is now. Her big career turned to ashes … Continue reading

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Indian Captive by John Patrick

Beautifully set in the past, this historical set erotica goes way beyond imagination. John Patrick has an extremely different kind of imagination and he’s brave in taking the leap into a no-holds-barred story line considering it to be his first … Continue reading

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