BBW Explores MMF


ED1029 CoverJust come and find me when you want me

How lucky is our heroine Annabelle? She just ran away from a toxic marriage when she boards a cruise ship to temporarily leave behind her problems and her responsibilities. But she quickly finds that bedding someone is quite therapeutic.

Annabelle beds hot and enigmatic Reuben and rekindles sexual chemistry with ex-fame Charlie.

Overall, the book is quite enticing. It’s easy to read and reasy to fantasize about. If you’re a bored housewife, then this book is the perfect ice-breaker.

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BBW’s Love Triangle

ED1027 CoverJessica Johannsen knows how to play it smooth and slow. This third book visualizes it and is unapologetic it will keep you nailed and then wanting.

Annabelle continues to play the goddess with her new-found lover but this time she’s slipping into his traps. She’s entangled between his undeniable power she couldn’t understand. She willingly submits to it and well, enjoys it far enough.

 Jessica Johannsen has created a beautiful imagery to BDSM with a pure sense of innocence. It’s childlike at the same time lustful and very dramatic. She’s perfectly seasoned this book for the next installment. Watch out.

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Unbearable Passion, Part 2

Unbearable Passion Book 2The follow up to the cliffhanger first book of the Unbearable Passion series and Scarlett Avery fires it like an angry machine gun. This is tastefully wicked with a wonderful narrative that is direct to the point.

Amanda is no doubt enjoying her temporary gig and that’s because she has the perfect customer in the world. They are in Paris and God knows what they can do while they lavish in the perfect love-making atmosphere of the city of love.

This follow up book is full of steamy action and sweltering encounters. It’s just getting more and more exciting with every turn of the page. Miss Avery should be able to make the 3rd book just as exciting or more.

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BBW The Submissive

ED1026 CoverThis book was simply written. While BDSM is a polarizing issue, this book is not going  to be divisive because it was not written in the 50 Shades of Grey tone. It’s simply written to show the different men in the life of the heroine Annabelle and how she reacts to different sexual encounters.

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Annabelle’s Awakening

ED1025 CoverJessica Johannsen is back with her Cruise Series II ready to take you on another journey of pure carnal pleasure and sensual adventures. This first book of the second series opens you up to a gentle and carefree ride of unlimited possibilities in everyone’s dream vacation.

 The story opens up with a middle-aged married woman, Annabelle, out to rediscover herself after learning of her remorseless husband’s explicit extra-marital affairs. Opting not to sulk in the misery of her marriage, Annabelle rekindles a relationship and flirts even more with new encounters. Her hands are on deck now with her temporary freedom.

 Miss Johannsen surely knows how to tickle her readers with her subtle grip and all of a sudden loud, visual and explorative depiction of steamy actions. Her narrative tastefully undresses every word or phrase and ushers you to the most pleasurable articles ever!

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Three-Way Romps, Book 2

Final Cover, Book 2Carly Deane’s follow-up to Three-Way Romps is a marvelous piece of erotic lyricism. This time with more intense and steamy actions right from the start to the end. It’s an indulging carnal ride you wouldn’t want to stop.

The redhead is at it again. This time, she’s the one giving the surprise, and the poor victim is the luscious and sweet Japanese Yuki, introduced in the first book as the polite and innocent waitress at the Sushi bar. With the help of her evil boyfriend Darren, they’re pulling off a nasty surprise for a willing victim.

The story is now told to the point-of-view of Katherine, which adds a kinkier and explicitly suggestive tone of the narrative. Carly Deane’s sense of continuity is flawless and the subtle hints from the first book prove to be an effective game-winner!

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Never Say Never

Unbearable Passion Book 1Scarlett Avery introduces us to a Maid in Manhattan cum Fifty Shades of Grey story only tailor-fitted for erotica.

Amanda lost her business and is trying to get back on her feet. She gets offered a new gig as a high-payed escort. Her first client is the handsome billionaire, Mr. Bryce Van Der Linden. What follows are steamy and thrilling scenes between the two. Scarlett Avery tries to subtly portray the inner struggle of Amanda’s character as she follows the strict rules of being an escort.

This first installment of Unbearable Passion is a splendid contribution to the erotic romance genre. And Ms. Avery just knows how to keep you hanging at the end.

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BBW Out With The Old, In With The Two

The Cruise Series, Book 5 CoverThis fifth installment of The Cruise Series subtly closes all the unresolved issues of the previous four installments. The characters finally have justified reasons and the aptly brief but full plots seamlessly connect the series together.

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BBW Realizes She’s Bisexual

The Cruise Series, Book 4 CoverBBW is on the loose for some sexy erotica

Oh God, what am I doing? –Belinda

The Cruise Series heroine, Belinda, certainly doesn’t know what she’s doing. There are many things going on in her life. Belinda is very endearing to the readers. She falls but she gets up fast.

The book is very easy to read, the characters are fun and quirky. This book is for anybody who wants a fun story, lovable characters and simple plot twists. A thirst quencher for threesome fanatics. Can hardly wait for the next story in The Cruise Series.

Who said sexy is not fun?

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BBW Ladies’ Choice

The Cruise Series, Book 3 CoverThis is a heartwarming episode of the series – the realistic revelations at the end prove that you should be careful who you trust and that love can conquer all. The carefully written plot subtly marries the complexity of the characters; it elevates the story to a different level.

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