Two Cowboys for Claire, Part 3


ED1037 CoverHot and Sexy Erotica

“ Don’t wear Shane out too much”

These words are the perfect advice for Claire. After all, this country college student is very busy hopping from one guy to the next. So when her college boyfriends visits her in her family’s country home, Claire is enchanted. However, it’s a small town and the danger of bumping into her previous exploits—Robby, Roy and Frank—is pretty immense.

This is still a fun story, like the previous two. But this might be the weakest among Laurence’s three books. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good read. It is. It presented a very interesting twist after the first two books. I’m actually looking forward to the next installment.

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Two Cowboys for Claire, Part 2


ED1036 CoverClaire’s heart thumped as if she had just gotten through running a marathon

As a reader, there is also a part when one’s heart thumps as fast as Claire’s. Claire just had a threesome with two of her closest male friends in a river. But it seems like her father may have seen her activity with Robby and Roy.

But no, it was her former suitor, the wily Frank Gillings, that had the luck of watching Claire go at it with two boys. The sly Frank took pictures too.  You just know that this has the makings of a good book.

The second part of J.D. Laurence’s Hidden Secrets series is definitely better than the first one. Perhaps the third one is even better.

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ED1046 Cover

“I want to tell you our story and you can write it as I tell it or from your perspective as a writer.” –Jasmine

Every man in school wants Jasmine. Every girl hates Jasmine because the hottest man in school only has eyes for her. Jasmine and Chad were inseparable in school and everyone, including the school principal, expected them to get married one day.

So what went wrong? Why did Jasmine kill Chad?

This is a wonderful story especially since you want the question answered but you won’t get an answer until you read the entire book. The ending is also quite good because you have these many notions in your head but the answer is really not that complicated.

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Two Cowboys for Claire, Part 1

ED1035 Cover“It’s good to see that the city ain’t spoiled you none. Still my sweet little Claire pie.”

Is Claire really a sweet little pie? Well, that’s just what Claire’s mother, Susan, thinks. In reality, Claire has learned a lot from the big city that would not make “sweet” an appropriate description for the college student.

Robby and Roy are both vying for Claire’s attention and the protagonist gives both of them what they want, equally.

This book is really erotic and is very easy to read. For sure, readers cannot wait for the next installment of Hidden Secrets.

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Unbearable Passion, Part 4

Part4Cover“This guy has been operating under the name of Brad Keller, but his real name is Vladislav Ershova-Kamenev.”

Finally, a lead… Sofia Herrera might just get back the money she lost when he supposed partner, Brad Keller, ran off with it, along with her future. This next installment of the Unbearable Passion series gives the readers a glimpse of Sofia’s past. And it just makes us love Sofia more.

The book also helps us like Bryce even more as he requests Sofia to stop working as an escort because he’s falling for her. But we know that it wasn’t just pride when Bryce actually helps Sofia get back her past by catching or trying to catch Brad Keller.

This book is a box full of emotions as we feel sorry for Sofia when her insecurities get the better of her when Bryce meets her beautiful sister Ciara.

This book is wonderfully written. I can already see it as a movie. It has all the elements of a good movie, love, lust and crime. If Scarlett Avery sharpens her instinct in writing such books, she could one day have a bestseller on her hands.

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Three-Way Romps, Book 4

ED1034 Cover“MMMmmmmm…Nicky Boy…mmm…” 

That can only be the sound of Katherine enjoying another romp with the latest hot dick. But Katherine has some other use for Nicky Porto other than a meat she can devour, she asks him for legal advice about a friend who wants to get back at her boss for filming her and her officemates in compromising positions.

But Nicky is just good for some legal advice. For the actual act of revenge, Katherine employs, covertly of course, the help of “dumb blonde” intern Shelly and a hot new thing the book’s protagonist is eyeing, Henry.

Just by those two paragraphs, it’s already certain that this book is hot and heavy on eroticism. For those who have yet to understand what a ménage a trois is, this is the perfect book to explore its meaning. This book is certain to quench one’s hunger for erotica. It helps too that the characters are really hot.

Anyone who reads this book will surely wait for the next installment of Carly Deane’s erotic imagination.

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Melanie by Denise Denton

ED1032 Cover“His hands were kneading and tugging my breasts, sending me into a vortex of pleasure that I didn’t think I could feel with a man.” 

Mel is leading a really dull life until her co-worker, Adele, introduced her to sex, toys, escort service and more. But through that escort service, Mel meets Adrian, who showed her that a man can pleasure her more than a woman can. In just a couple of months, Mel’s life transformed from boring to exciting. If only Adele was not a jealous person.

The book definitely has an interesting story line. It’s so interesting that the book could actually be longer. There is so much more points in the book that could have been emphasized, explained and extrapolated.

One thing Denton gets right, so right, is the sex. It’s so hot. Whether it was with a woman, Adele, or with a man, Adrian, Denton really knows how to make the reader sweat, in a good way.

Denton also showcased her signature sexy dance. It was just unfortunate that it was only described once on the book.

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Unbearable Passion, Part 3

Unbearable Passion Book 3I’m sure you want to get settled back into your old life…

But Sofia Herrera doesn’t want to get back to her old life. After all, she’s just an escort…at least, she is now. Her big career turned to ashes after being burned by a partner. But since she’s been booked by the rich and successful businessman Bryce, Sofia has found the place where she wants to be in the long run.

Sofia and Bryce’s relationship, if it can be called that, is off to a good start. But how is it going to turn out when Sofia is an escort and Bryce is a busy company partner who needs to clean up the controversy surrounding his business.

The premise is already good enough. The relationship between the two protagonists is so good but the circumstances surrounding it are not so great.

It’s a really good story. And the erotic scenes are perfectly interloped that it didn’t seem placed just for the sake of making an erotica. It’s a simple story with a lot of complicated relationship matters.

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Three-Way Romps, Book 3


ED1031Non-stop, hard-hitting, wild-pumping action from start to finish! Carly Deane’s third book of the series is a meatfest! The Katherine character is splendid as narrator with her clear-cut, straightforward and comprehensive descriptions that don’t leave anything for the mind to imagine. It’s buffet of meat to meat action cocktailed with steamy, hot and creamy human juice.

While Carly Deane may have tried hard to make this book a nail-biting story with a purpose, intentionally or not, however it hits the hole in creating an awesome erotic coming-of-age-like centerpiece. It’s a slamdunk in the action department with the most perfect combination of a young, shy boy, a meat hungry redhead, and a sweet and satisfying Asian bombshell.

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BBW All In

ED1030 Cover

Jessica Johannsen really knows how to keep you hanging. When this book seemed to conclude Annabelle’s dilemma, Jessica Johannsen cuts it at the end to introduce what could be a good avenue for a sequel for this particular series.

Just when Annabelle thought she could finally decide to choose between her two lovers, Charlie and Reuben, she’s back into the web of eternal sexual puzzle that deliberately slaves her.

Another yet marvelous follow-up to the whirlwind fourth book, BBW All In will never fail to give you just what you need in a perfect dose. It couldn’t just end like this.

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