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Meeting His Clan

This book serves like a breather, after reading the previous book discussing sex scenes and explaining what the missing link was. In this story, we glimpse another facet to Casey and David’s lives. Everyone can understand how anxious Casey is … Continue reading

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Rough Use

This is brilliant! We get the whole picture by each book in this series. Now that Casey and David know what it is that’s missing, that’s another piece in the puzzle. If you are into rough sex, you will like … Continue reading

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Losing Control – Romance and Hardcore

Another great book from Mason Hess’ series. Casey’s ugly past is now known to David, and you can imagine how depressing it was, to have to be on that situation. We can understand how it affected Casey. But that night … Continue reading

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Together At Last – Romance and Seduction

The story just keep on getting better and better, and you can only wait to read the next. Needless to say, this author is one of the great ones out there, the kind who does not write for himself or … Continue reading

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Complications – Surprising!

    Just when you think that the previous book is the best, here’s another to make reading experience extra wonderful. The author’s book is better than the last, and it only makes you want for more!

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Claiming Her Property – Romance and Seduction

Wow, this is far more better than the past books in the series. When you think David and Casey are complex at the beginning of the story, wait til you get to this book. You’ll find out they are simple … Continue reading

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The Picnic – Romance and Seduction

The author has some really unexpected ideas, such as a midnight picnic. It is so romantic, and readers are looking for romantic stories. Well this book provides just that. This is another facet in the lives of Casey and David, … Continue reading

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Fragmented Memories

Everyone has been looking forward to this book, and their waiting is finally over. As usual, we are treated to superb writing and characters who can be anyone we know. The point is, the characters seem so real, which is … Continue reading

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One Night Stand

This book is shorter than the first one and discusses the one-night stand that Casey and David had. There was no twist in the story, but it doesn’t matter because the author more than made up by how well the … Continue reading

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One Hell of a Weekend

Have you read a book by Mason Hess? To some, this author may be new, but the writing style tells you otherwise. The way each sentence is written, and how the story flows, it can only be the the works … Continue reading

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