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The Cuckold Book 2

The wait is over—and we thought that we would have to prolong our agony for the next installment to John Patrick’s The Cuckold. Book 2 has been finally released before the new year could even start! So imagine how cozy the … Continue reading

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Have an Erotica Lunch break

Uther Pendragon’s “Private” Secretary Secrets Short but electrifying. Uther Pendragon’s style for sensual suspense is magnified in this book.There’s nothing sexier than a powerful man in a suit who dictates what he wants and not ask for it… and Pendragon certainly … Continue reading

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Cruise Control by Amy Redek

Erotica Reviews received a copy from Amy Redek before it was even published on amazon!!! Here’s what we think!   Amy Redek is quite the experimentalist! Cruise Control tells  of 3 couples on a cruise who find in the other … Continue reading

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