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Wife Roulette

If you’re into cuckolding, wife swapping or wife sharing, then this book should hit home. If not, then don’t even dare to read the first page. You’ll pull your hair out with the unbelievable twist of events. It cannot get … Continue reading

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Indian Captive by John Patrick

Beautifully set in the past, this historical set erotica goes way beyond imagination. John Patrick has an extremely different kind of imagination and he’s brave in taking the leap into a no-holds-barred story line considering it to be his first … Continue reading

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The Outlaws by John Patrick

John Patrick has fascinated his readers with his stories. Submission is very powerful in this story. It’s a bit harsh but with a touch of romance. The Outlaws has taken it one step further than Indian Captive. It’ll take some … Continue reading

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Cuckold Book 1 by John Patrick

The Cuckold book 1 has a very strong submission theme caused by the main character’s too much love for his dear lovely wife. Well-written and with characters that dominate not just the character but also the story itself. It has … Continue reading

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