The Seduction Factor, Book 1

CIARA-cover1Hot and heavy erotica for the romantics

“You know, from a one to ten, you’re a certified twenty and the way you sway your body makes me want to do a lot of very sinful things to you.” – Nickolaj to Ciara

Everyone is mesmerized by Ciara’s beauty. Ciara’s sister Sofia is insecure by her hotness. Men go crazy over Ciara’s sexiness. Ciara is gorgeous and she knows it.

But Ciara remains unattached because she had been burned before and she doesn’t want to experience that pain again. So she jumps from one relationship to another. Then she meets Nickolaj.

Nickolaj is a hot billionaire who has taken a liking to Ciara. They are the same…both unattached and satisfied with their “single and ready to mingle status.”

But after a couple of days together, they know that this time it’s different. It can be love. But Ciara is scared. She knows that nothing this good can last.

It’s a good story. People who enjoyed Scarlett Avery’s Unbearable Passion series would surely love this. Ciara is Sofia’s baby sister—the hotter and more fun sister.

The sex scenes are also really HOT! Ciara and Nickolaj can’t get enough of each other and Avery describes it in such a way that the readers get how hot and heavy they are.

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Katherine’s Clean Getaway

ED1047 cover“You want me to stop?” – Kathy

Kathy is having dalliances with everybody…but this doesn’y mean she is in any way disloyal. She’s so loyal she avenges her friend and former lover, Yuki, from her abusive boss, Jiro.

But some people around Kathy are not as loyal. She has been stabbed and she’s just not good at taking things lying down.

Still, there is alwayss that one guy, Nicky, who is always there for her despite her tendency to look the other way.

This book has just too many characters but without a real direction. It’s a surprise that it has reached five series. But it’s good that the end is finally here so we can all move on. At least the ending is really good.

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Women in the City, Book 4


ED1043“I don’t want this to be a fling” –Steve

Cindi has an insatiable appetite for sex and when she’s craving, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt as long as her vajayjay is satisfied. So she tramples on her friend Lisa’s heart. Unfortunately, it was the incident that gave Lisa the courage to start fighting back. And off she went, seducing Cindi’s husband, Patrick. An eye for an eye.

But Cindi has another man waiting in the wings. It’s not like losing Patrick would be the be-all and end-all of her life.

This book definitely did not live up to the expectations. After all, the first three books had interesting storylines and unexpected twists. This one is just dull. Perhaps its hard to develop a storyline for a character that is a bully.

The audience has a knack for rooting for the underdog. So when good things happen to a bad person, it just doesn’t seem right

I wish I read this book first then I won’t have this weird after-taste in my mouth. I don’t want this book to be the last I remember Laura Roberts by. In fairness, the first three in the Women in the City series are really remarkable and worth reading again and again.

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Su Ling

ED1049 CoverA tragic and erotic love story

“The woman he wants to marry doesn’t have a family.  She was a club hostess!  Can you imagine what people will say?” –Mrs. Sung

We’ve heard this story before. The son wants to marry a woman that his mother doesn’t like. The son is forced to choose between the love of his life and his mother.

But in this case, the son, Richard, didn’t have to choose between his girlfriend Su Ling and mother Mrs. Sung. Richard, a police officer, is determined to marry Su Ling and convince his mother to accept her.

But Mrs. Sung is embarrassed to have a daughter-in-law who was a former club hostess. How is she supposed to explain the coupling to her friends? It’s a pretty typical Asian family set-up.

Mrs. Sung plots against Su Ling. She’s determined to stop the wedding. But one incident gives Mrs. Sung a free pass—it seems like she doesn’t have to do anything to drive Su Ling away.

The characters in the story have a real rawness in them that is relatable to a lot of people. There is the domineering mother, the hated girlfriend, the torn man. There is also another character that is typical of a chauvinist Asian, one who expects that the girl he marries should be a virgin.

The twists in the story are also interesting. But it’s the ending that really got me. Of course I hated it but in the context of the book, it was a surprise twist, therefore, it’s good.

The emotional draw of the book is very gripping. You can’t help but root for Su Ling and Richard, individually, and as a couple.

This is definitely a book for the hopeless romantics. But don’t expect sappy love quotes or gestures, there’s none.

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Unbearable Passion


Unbearable Passion Series Cover“Well, lucky me. My first client is hot.” –Sofia

Sofia turns to prostitution in order to pay her bills. She’s educated and multi-lingual, but after a partner screwed her over a real estate start-up, Sofia is forced to scrap at the bottom of the barrel.

But it turns out, going into the escort service industry just may be the best thing that happened to Sofia as she meets billionaire Bryce Van Der Linden. It was just supposed to be a business arrangement but the chemistry between them is just too hot to ignore.

This certainly is an erotica. It’s hot and sexy. But on the other hand, it has a real story between a man and a woman. It’s like reading Pretty Woman, only that the woman here is smarter. Also, the escort’s back story is told in the book so that it’s easier to sympathize with the protagonist.

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Women in the City, Book 3


ED1042“Our little caterpillar has finally become a butterfly.” – Cindi

So Lisa is getting out of her shell. She shed her usual jeans in favor of a dress. She’s ready to ask the sexy bartender out. She’s ready to become the new Lisa. Lisa is the conservative one, completely the opposite of bombshell Cindi.

Lisa also happens to be my favorite character among Laura Roberts’ Women in the City. She’s smart and lonely. But in less than a week, she has opened herself, and her legs, to two different sexual adventures.

This is the best of Laura Roberts book, so far. It’s proof that not all erotica books are just about the sex. Intimacy can be the icing on the cake. The cake on this one is the real story.

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Women in the City, Book 2

ED1041“Well, I certainly don’t mind skipping dinner and going straight to dessert” –Diego

Sofia is that dessert. After years of being married, Diego still wants Sofia. And Sofia is happy with the life she has. But just like any regular person, Sofia finds herself wanting more. Sofia wants Diego to be more sensual.

Among all her friends, Sofia seems to have the most perfect family. The marriage is good, there is no other people involved. The only problem is just the sex. Sofia wants to be caressed and Diego wants to be rough.

It’s a good premise for the book, actually. In life, we sometimes wonder why people are having problems over the most trivial things when there are peole in Africa suffering from hunger. But that’s reality. People are just not easily satisfied. No matter how good things are going, people will always want something to more and better.

The book also tackles how the perfect wife with a seemingly perfect family starts to cheat.

This is an okay book. But when you string it with the other Women in the City book, it becomes better. The whole series is the more erotic version of Sex and the City.

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Women in the City, Book 1


ED1040Four women in their thirties meet every day for lunch. Each of them has a different story. This is Karen’s story.

This book is Laura Roberts gift to women. For sure women of all ages miss Sex and the City and this book and its sequels will surely fill the void that women are missing since the beloved television series ended.

Meet Karen, the dutiful wife who just can’t get her husband Steven’s attention. She has the feeling that Steven is cheating but before she gets confirmation, she wants to save her marriage.

Sofia helps her out. But it seems that Sofia’s son, Gerard, is a better help for Karen.

This is really a wonderful chic lit. Sexy, fun and raw. I just can’t wait to read the rest of the women’s story.

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West Coast Story Part 2


ED1039 Cover“Hello there, gorgeous. How was your day?”

If you ask Cici, her day is not dandy at all. This beautiful protagonist was forced to abet a criminal just to make ends meet. She might be beautiful but her life sure isn’t.

Cici does have a new suitor, Mike, a billionaire. It just seems impossible that a wealthy man like Mike would love a pauper like her. It seems like a fairy tale. But when Cici remembers Fabian and what she did with him, she realizes that life is nothing but a fairy tale.

But this is not just a love story. It is an accurate depiction of how good people turn to doing bad things just to survive. This is really a good book.

It’s really nice when there are eroticas that do not just center on sex.

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West Coast Story


ED1038 coverShe was absolutely stunning

Cici is a beautiful woman struggling to make ends meet. She works more than one job a day in order to pay the rent and send her younger brother Marvin to school. Not only that, since she and Marvin are orphans, she has to make sure that her baby brother will not be recruited to any of the gangs prevalent in their poor neighborhood in a rich city.

While modeling naked for art students, Cici meets billionaire Mike. It is obvious from the start that they are both enthralled at each other.

Cici’s beauty is wonderfully captured by the author. But Mike’s wealth was not creatively described, it was mentioned heavily. This part could be improved. But all in all, this is a good book. It has the potential to be better because of the conclusion where Cici was forced to do something she promised not to do just to survive.

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